Xiaomi Mijia: Cheap, Good 4K Action Camera


The ‘good’ remains to be proven, but we have high hopes for this 4K action camera that will sell for around $100-120. This camera weighs only 99 grams and it has a 2.4 inch touch-screen. A Sony sensor is used and the rest of the hardware is respectable. This camera is said to have 6-axis stabilization but this appears to marketing hyperbole as all stabilization is electronic and not optical.

Xiaoyi YI-M1: An Affordable m43 Camera With 4K Video



The Xiaoyi Yi M1 is a potentially interesting option on account of price.  Currently priced at the equivalent of $330US (although actual US pricing will likely be higher), if this camera can pull of halfway decent 4K video then it will definitely fill the needs of some.  We don’t expect it to be as good as a Panasonic G7 or something of that likes, but the question is will it be good enough? Here’s what we know:

  • Sony m43 20Mp IMX269
  • Peaking
  • LCD touch screen
  • 4K at 30FPS and at 70Mbit
  • 1080P at 60FPS
  • 280G
  • HDR mode (video?)
  • No 24P at time of announcement

You can visit the Xiaoyi website for more information.

Xiaomi Mi 3 70″ Smart TV


Xiaomi is one of the better Chinese TV produces and they have announced their 70-inch 4K TV for a price that converts to around $1500.

Their 60-inch TV was launched for under $800 recently too but we find the 70-inch version more interesting because at that size the benefit of 4K is more obvious.

The 70-inch model has a 120 Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution, Android 5.1, 178 degree viewing angle, and about 85% of the NTSC color gamut.  The brain unit is separate from the TV (but included).