Sony A7s II Footage

We haven’t mentioned much about the Sony A7s II lately.  We’ve spoken with several people who went to this camera from the GH4 and stayed with it.  We were really hoping that we would have rumors about the version III by now.  Let us hope that the GH5 puts pressure on Sony to be more generous with their codec.  For the record, we like both the Panasonic 4K cameras and Sony’s.  They each have their place and advantages and disadvantages.

Several Videos about the Sony A6500

All the buzz has been about the Panasonic GH5, but let’s not forget that the Sony A6500 is still an interesting option.  It’s the rolling shutter that we hate about this camera, but if you can’t fight that off the image is very nice.  Perhaps the next iteration will improve upon the rolling shutter and offer 10-bit color like the GH5.