Samsung NX1 Down to $1099


Several major retailers have the Samsung NX1 down to $1099 and we expect further price drops as time goes on.  We have also seen some great clearance prices on NX lenses however you’re probably better off buying an adapter and using lenses that still have a future.

While the NX1 lacks the color magic of a camera that shoots raw, for the price it’s a very decent camera and a set of two of them could be used to make a great film.

RIP Samsung.  You died before your time.  Your attempts at innovation and your amazing firmware improvements will be missed.

Samsung NX500 Versus Sony A7r II

It’s sad to see Samsung’s demise in the digital camera market. They were poised to increase the competition and innovation. For a variety of reasons their products never sold well despite their latest generations being excellent products.

This comparison does not state which is which and I can’t read the comments in French on Youtube so perhaps one of our French speaking readers could help us out here.

Samsung S7 Enhanced Rumor


We have received a rumor recently that Samsung is planning, based on its new Exynos 8890 processor, a version of the Galaxy S7 that would have a 4K screen. It’s not clear if this would be sold in South Korea only or to the international markets as well. As we have previously mentioned we think dynamic range, battery life, glare reduction and brightness are more worthy pursuits than 4K for phones.

The Fate of Samsung 4K Digital Cameras

There was a rumor circulating around the internet that Samsung was closing down its camera division. Samsung came out and stated that they are not, which is probably what they’d say anyway if they were. Samsung actually makes really good 4K cameras; their NX1 is great and their NX500 is very affordable for what it offers. But they have issues with sales and retail distribution so it wouldn’t be shocking if they decided to axe this division.

Samsung’s JS7000 4K TV: Affordable SUHD Line Set


Samsung’s SUHD line has been associated with premium pricing, but the new JS7000 line is priced lower at $1300 (50-inch), $1600 (55-inch), and $2,100 (60-inch).  Given that these new sets still utilize quantum-dot technology and have full-array local dimming, we think they should do well.  SUHD is not OLED nor is it priced like OLED.

This line remains based on the Tizen smart TV platform.