RED Reflections

Go easy on this guy. He’s just speaking for himself. RED are great cameras and many people happily use them. But it’s true they aren’t for everyone and for someone who is considering making their first large cinema camera purchase, it’s good to hear out people like this who might be in a similar situation as you. Renting is always a great option as well.

iPhone X versus RED Cinema Camera

Okay, this video is just for fun. But it’s always mildly interesting how big or small a copious amount of money can increase your video quality. We were really hoping RED would try and make some more affordable cameras to compete in a lower market segment as they previously were thinking about. I guess Blackmagic fills that role now.

RED Raven versus URSA Mini 4.6K versus Kinefinity Terra 6K


Kinefinity has launched the Terra 6k and 5K models ($6000 for the 6K model or $9000 as a package with many accessories) with 15 stops of dynamic range or 13 stops when in global shutter mode. These cameras use standard SSD drives and produce RAW or ProRes footage.

David Peterson of IronFilm Productions has written up his thoughts about the new model as compared to its competitors: Speculation: RED Raven vs URSA Mini 4.6K vs Kinefinity Terra 6K