Olympus Tough TG Tracker

Olympus’s $350 action camera is built to be rugged which does make it physically larger.  It’s nice to see some more competition in this area as GoPro’s prices were getting out of control.  This video camera has a small sized sensor which is standard for this kind of camera, and it features a waterproof and “crushproof” build.

Olympus’s Vague 4K Promise


In a recent interview at Focus Numerique (in French) Haruo Ogawa when asked about 4K has this to say:

“In the near future we will try to have a camera with a video mode 4K.”

This differs from their previous sentiment that consumers weren’t ready for 4K yet.

Olympus doesn’t have a video camera division to protect so we’ve been very disappointed by their video offerings in their otherwise excellent still cameras.

Olympus Does Not Feel 4K Has Enough Potential Yet

On Dmitry Krupski’s website there is an interview with Michael Guthmann (Product Manager PEN & OM-D, Olympus of Europe) where the following is stated:

Translated: We are carefully studying this point. While we do not think that for the target audience E-M5 II 4K mode is necessary. So we are closely watching the market – perhaps in future models 4K video will be realized. While I can not say with certainty whether the 4K in a model that will replace the E-M1.

Yes, we understand that other manufacturers – Panasonic, Sony, Samsung – offering 4K mode, even in top-level models do not. They just need to create content for their TV. They need to sell 4K TVs. While the content in 4K very little, so they want to have on the market as much as possible models that can shoot in 4K. But we do not see great potential for 4K at the moment. Once the market is ready for it, we will make 4K.

Read the full, translated interview here.