Video Footage from the Nikon D7500

We don’t hate the Nikon D7500 as much as everyone else (although the lack of compatibility with some older Nikon lenses, lack of battery grip, and single card slot aren’t preferable). It’s a nice, small camera with amazing autofocus. Video though is the same old Nikon story: No one buys Nikon for 4K video. The D7500 of course shares the same horrendous video crop factor of it’s big brother the Nikon D500.

Nikon D7500: More Poor Choices from Nikon


Both the Nikon D500 and D7500 do 4K video and are probably identical in their video performance (same sensor), but the following omissions make it better to pay the few hundred dollars extra for the D500:

  • No second card slot that is UHS-I.
  • No aperture-ring feeler (No metering with manual focus lenses!)
  • Lower resolution rear screen.
  • Less buffer, focus points and FPS than D500.

Because of the extensive crop in video, most people don’t buy the D500 et. al. for video purposes.  But if you’re a Nikon shooter who doesn’t want to invest in another system and you have wide enough lenses to compensate for the video crop then the D500 will let you produce decent 4K videos up to 30 minutes in length.

Nikon DL: 3 Premium Compact Cameras that Shoot 4K Video


Unlike Canon’s recent range of 1″ sensor premium compact camera’s, Nikon’s DL range all shoot 4K video.

All three cameras share the same 20.8MP 1″-type BSI CMOS sensor but the lenses differ:

  • 18-50mm F1.8-2.8 ($850)
  • 24-85mm F1.8-2.8 ($650)
  • 24-500mm F2.8-5.6 ($1000)

In regards to video these cameras shoot in 4K and 1080P at 120FPS.

Cameras are expected to be released in early July of 2016.