Nikon Z6 and Z7

We expect the Z7 image quality to be similar but slightly better than that of the D850.

Here are some of the relevant details about the Z6 and Z7:

  • Both do 4K at 30/25/24P and 144Mbps (H.264)
  • 10 bit / N-Log / 422 is only on HDMI out (boo!)
  • Focus peaking, zebras
  • IBIS
  • Questionable battery life (we need some good tests on this)
  • $3400 for the Z7 and $2000 for the Z6


Some video samples:

Nikon D850 Video Sample

Keep in mind this is a hand-held sample shot in a camera store with a 105mm lens that does not have image-stabilization. There are some concerning features to this video though (rolling shutter and jitter). However, as the technique wasn’t appropriate we can’t really make any conclusions.

With better technique: