YouTube Announces Support for 4K Live Streaming (including in 360-degrees).

This is good news for the advancement of 4K. See Google’s Official YouTube Blog post announcement.

…we’re proud to say that we’re taking 4K video one step further with the launch of 4K live streaming for both 360-degree videos and standard videos.

And this was the first 4K live stream:

$400 HDMI to USB Adadpter


Epiphan has a line of 4K HDMI (and other formats) to USB adapters.  These products are interesting but not cheap.  Sadly the color space for 4K video is 4:2:0 with a 30P limit on frame rate.  The unique thing about this product is that it offers 4K over the ubiquitous USB connection.  The people who we think will be most interested in this are those who are trying to live stream them video. Visit the Epiphan website for more information and see the following video: