Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Camera Drone

The Typhoon H will sell for $1800.  The camera will rotate 360 degrees.  There are several advanced and automated features that drone enthusiasts will appreciated.  We are still waiting to get a better sense of what the video quality is like (sensor is stated to be common with GoPro so I guess performance will be more or less equivalent).

ROXOR Gimbal Camera 4K is 10FPS?


The ROXOR camera promotion is over and it’s now at full price.  Suspiciously, the full specifications were never published and the frame-rate in 4K was never stated.

Based on some videos that have been posted to YouTube, it appears that the frame-rate may be as low as 10FPS in 4K (at least this is the rate that the videos posted were in).

Best case scenario might be 15FPS.  We suggest holding out on this camera until specifications are confirmed.

Here is an example of the video quality in 1080P:

DJI Zenmuse X5 With Olympus Lenses

The DJI Zenmuse X5 video camera and 3 Axis Gimbal with 15mm lens sells for $2,199.  Compared to what an equivalent system would cost just a few years ago, this is a reasonable price.  There are cheaper systems available.  We are awaiting reviews on some of the lesser known Chinese brands to see whether they are a value or a bust.

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DJI Osmo 4K Gimbal Camera


The DJI Osmo will set you back $649 but it appears a better value than a GoPro for some applications.  We have never been satisfied with the lack of optical stabilization in the GoPros and preferred the Sony units for that reason.  Thus we are excited for the DJI Osmo as it’s a complete unit.  Let’s hope the bit rates and codecs are adequate.

You can see more information about the OSMO at the DJI website.

FilmPower ROXOR 4K Gimbal Camera


FilmPower is a Chinese company who is known for their successful product the Nebula 4000 Lite brushless gimbal. They recently announced the ROXOR, a 4K video camera with integrated brushless Gimbal. This will sell for $399 but for a limited time is being offered for $199.

Buyer beware: The frame rate at 4K is not listed so some people worry it may be 15FPS. This camera has not been proven yet or reviewed by anyone trusted. So it could be the best bargain ever or it could be not worth the money. We will post reviews when they become available.