Comparison of the Panasonic GX85, Fuji XT2, Canon 5D Mark IV, and the Sony A6300

As you will see in this video the Canon is a disappointment.  We truly believe improved color and codecs are on the horizon for the next generation of models so we are waiting out a lot of the 8-bit cameras but at these prices all of these options are viable if you need something right now.

Canon XC15 4K Video Camera


The ergonomics and lens were the downfalls of the Canon XC10 and those two appear mostly unchanged in the XC15.  The lens wasn’t bad per se, but it was a compromise that didn’t make sense as film makers would prefer a brighter option.  The image quality of the XC10 was better than people gave it credit for.  People just didn’t want to deal with the camera.

The XC15 appears to add the following new features:

  • XLR audio
  • Accepts MA400 microphone adapter
  • 24P
  • Menu locking

Sadly, there was no dual pixel AF added.

This camera is a pass for us but it’s not as bad as we all it make it out to be.  It’s hard not to be mad at Canon who could make something great but instead keep releasing products like this.


Canon Cinema EOS C700


At $28,000 for the body this camera will be of more limited appeal.  In addition to its 15 stops of dynamic range, dual pixel CMOS AF, and Super 35mm CMOS sensor, this camera shoots 4K up to 60P and 2K up to 240P, and 4K RAW up to 120P via the optional dockable RAW recorder.  There are of course a bunch of other professional features for this camera.

Some Thoughts For and Against the Canon 5D Mark IV


Noam Kroll, a film maker whose posts we usually enjoy, has written an article titled 3 Reasons Why The New Canon 5D MK IV Might Not Suck. We are happy to see many points of view on the same subject so this is a welcome post about the Canon 5D Mark IV (which we still strongly do not recommend for video purposes).

And this meme was bound to pop up quickly and regardless of whether or not you like or hate it, it did accurately summarize the main grievances against this new release: