Yet More Substantive Blackmagic Pocket 4K Material

B&H and Adorama have begun shipping the Pocket 4K, as have other retailers. It will take a while to get to all the pre-orders but at least the process is done and Blackmagic should be applauded for its efforts to get this wonderful camera out as quickly as they did.

Finally some substantive reviews and guides have been released. Don’t be fooled by those comparing this to the Panasonic GH5/GH5S. Those are great video cameras but they are not capable of the same image quality. The convenience and already far more than adequate image quality may make the GH5/GH5S better for your needs than the Pocket 4K.

Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K Now Shipping

We have received reports of consumers beginning to receive their Blackmagic Pocket 4K cameras in Australia.  Additionally, several US retailers have indicated that they will be receiving their initial shipments very soon.  The Europe dates are less clear.

This bodes well in general and let us hope they have a decent number of cameras produced for their first batch.

Ursa Mini Pro (with Blackmagic RAW) versus Canon C200 RAW Light

This is an interesting comparison. While Blackmagic’s new BRAW is not identical to their true raw, it’s close enough for most purposes and it it produces nicer looking noise, grain, and skin tones. We expect most people will happily shoot in BRAW without ever looking back.

This comparison pits the new BRAW (on a Ursa Mini Pro) against Canon’s C200 Raw light:

Blackmagic Pocket 4K versus Panasonic GH5

Interestingly the reviewer states that he’s observed these two cameras having pretty much the same dynamic range. We expected a one stop advantage to the Blackmagic camera. When dynamic range is measured we still expect a better result than the GH5. What’s not clear is if that advantage will be a stop or significantly less. Either way, the Blackmagic Pocket 4Ks footage looks great.

More Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K Footage

Blackmagic is our favourite company presently. The amazing products they produce at an affordable price have truly changed the industry and lowered the bar to entry. Their newest 4K pocket camera leaves nothing to complain about for the price.

If you need autofocus then this isn’t the camera for you. But that was always to be expected.