Blackmagic Pocket 4K Versus iPhone 8 Plus

Some might take this to be a strange comparison but we are happy to see it.  What we take from this: your story is more important than your tool (camera).  There are many, many reasons why we wouldn’t want to shoot on an iPhone, but if it’s all we had we would have no excuses.

Interestingly, at 3:58 in there appears to be visible IR pollution with the black outfit appearing brown.  We haven’t seen too many reports of this on the Pocket 4K and early reports seemed to indicate the IR pollution was much better controlled than previous cameras.

iPhone X versus RED Cinema Camera

Okay, this video is just for fun. But it’s always mildly interesting how big or small a copious amount of money can increase your video quality. We were really hoping RED would try and make some more affordable cameras to compete in a lower market segment as they previously were thinking about. I guess Blackmagic fills that role now.

No Apple 4K TV


Multiple sources have indicated that Apple has ceased exploring, at least for the present, a 4K TV made by apple.

The consensus is that they couldn’t find a way to sell a premium TV that made sense.  The major TV manufactures already have premium models that would be hard to match, let alone beat.  Aesthetics matter less when it comes to TV because of the minimalist ethic that already dominates TVs.