First Raw Still from the AXIOM Beta

apertus is the open source cinema group whose stated goal is:

to create a variety of powerful, free (in terms of liberty) and open cinema tools that we as filmmakers love to use.

apertus have partnered with the good folks from Magic Lantern who are known for their modifications to Canon DSLR’s firmware to liberate new features (such as raw video, amongst other revolutionary changes).

AXIOM Beta is a brand new professional digital image capturing platform and the crowd funding backers get access to it before anybody else does.

AXIOM Beta is a 4K Raw camera available in a few different configurations.

Progress is being made and now the first image date has been captured from the sensor:


To read more about this, read apertus’s blog post: Axiom Beta: Hello World

Apertus’s AXIOM Beta and Gamma May Be the Best 4K Video Cameras of 2015

*By best we mean in terms of best value.

The Apertus project is a community that aims to bring the open source ethic to cinema hardware.  They have also partnered with the Magic Lantern team who have done great work liberating the photo and video capacities of Canon cameras by modifying the firmware.

Apertus were successful in their crowd funding campaign and they will be bringing out the AXIOM Beta video camera in 2015 and hopefully the AXIOM Gamma camera as well.  There are several options for image sensors and lens mounts and they may support a frame rate as high as 300FPS in 4K!  See their AXIOM Camera page for more information.

The AXIOM team released a YouTube update on January 27, 2015: