Olympus Tough TG Tracker

Olympus’s $350 action camera is built to be rugged which does make it physically larger.  It’s nice to see some more competition in this area as GoPro’s prices were getting out of control.  This video camera has a small sized sensor which is standard for this kind of camera, and it features a waterproof and “crushproof” build.

4K with the GoPro Hero 4 Silver Via Timelapse

To be honest it turned out better than we thought it would from the title of the video.

The silver edition can only record 4K in 15FPS or in Timelapse mode with the shortest interval being 0.5 seconds which this video is set at.

We’re hoping for something better from GoPro in 2016, or at least some good competition on the 4K action camera front.

New, Ultra-light, Micro-Four-Third Drone 4K Video Camera


Imagine Vision has released the smallest 4K m43 mount video camera ever, aimed at the drone market given its light weight and lack of LCD screen.

3840×2160 is supported at 30 fps and 4096×2160 at 24 fps (H264 codec).

This video camera can be remote controlled via a smartphone.

See Imagine Vision’s page about this video camera for more information.  No price has been announced as of yet.