Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K Fixed Lens Video Camera


Many people were hoping for a follow-up to the AF100 video camera from Panasonic with an interchangeable lens system.  That would have been our preference too however we will withhold judgement until we see some sample footage.  The 12 stops of dynamic range puts this on par with JVC’s recent offerings but JVC offers interchangeable lenses.

The main features include:

  • UHD at 60p (4K at 24p)
  • 1080 at 120p
  • Micro four-thirds sensor
  • 5-axis stabilization
  • 29.5 mm – 384.9 mm F2.8 to F4.5 lens
  • Approximately $5,000


EOSHD reviews the LG 31MU97-B 4K Monitor

Andrew Reid of EOSHD recently completed a review on the 4K LG 31MU97-B monitor which has the following features:

  • 31″ Class (31″ diagonal)
  • 10bit IPS panel
  • Adobe RGB 99.5% color gamut
  • 17:9 aspect ratio
  • 4096×2160 resolution
  • 1M:1 (DFC) contrast ratio
  • 178/178 degree viewing angle
  • Advanced anti-glare

The LG 4K DCI monitor is great for editing especially for those who multitask between two apps open on the same display at any one time. You have vast amounts of resolution when using 1:1 mapping in 4K DCI to exploit and take a true birds-eye view of what you’re doing. Then when you go and surf the web for cat videos you can just drop the resolution (virtually) using the Apple retina display controls in the system menus.

Interesting New 4K Video Camera From Panasonic Coming

Do you remember AG-DVX100? As a DV camera capable of film-like shooting with Cine-like gamma and a 24p mode, a groundbreaking camera in the industry. I am proud to say that it was a big hit for us, and it has been widely used and loved by customers around the world for over ten years.

Now, in a world where 4K shooting is fast becoming the norm, we’ve decided to go for a new breakthrough, and try to create another disruption in the industry and hit like the DVX100. I hope you’ll come to the Panasonic booth at NAB and see what we have in mind.

— Kunihiko Miyagi (Director of Professional Imaging for Panasonic)