New Video Shot on the Sony RX0 Action Camera

If only these were F2.8 instead F4, they would have been wonderful. Having to bring lights kind of defeats the purpose of such a small, inconspicuous camera. Not to mention the difficulty and costing of getting ND filters onto this thing. If we have to bring lighting then we will just use our Panasonic G85s instead. But this is just a very specific context. We’re happy to see someone bring a non-fisheye, large sensor camera to the mainly consumer action camera market.

More on the Intriguing Panasonic EVA1 Video Camera

There are several of us who are trying to decide between the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro and the Panasonic EVA1. We have footage from the Ursa Mini and now more EVA1 footage is starting to role out. Of course there will be advantages that each has over the other but it’s just nice to have this much quality and functionality at under $10K.

The GoPro Hero 6


The GoPro Hero 6 features 60P FPS at 4K and 240 FPS at 1080P.  It will be priced at $500.  Sony’s new small, square camera is more interesting to us as it’s non-fisheye lens and bigger sensor will make it easier to cut into cinematic pieces.  But as an action camera it’s nice to see GoPro catching up to the Yi 4K+’s 60FPS at 4K.