Interesting New 4K Video Camera From Panasonic Coming

Do you remember AG-DVX100? As a DV camera capable of film-like shooting with Cine-like gamma and a 24p mode, a groundbreaking camera in the industry. I am proud to say that it was a big hit for us, and it has been widely used and loved by customers around the world for over ten years.

Now, in a world where 4K shooting is fast becoming the norm, we’ve decided to go for a new breakthrough, and try to create another disruption in the industry and hit like the DVX100. I hope you’ll come to the Panasonic booth at NAB and see what we have in mind.

— Kunihiko Miyagi (Director of Professional Imaging for Panasonic)

4K Fixed Lens, 1 Inch Sensor Video Camera From Canon


Not much is known about this new, smaller 4K camera apart from the 1 inch CMOS Sensor and the 10 times optical zoom lens (24-240mm equivalent with an aperture of f2.8 to f5.6).

The other similar cameras on the market are the Sony FDR-AX100 and the Panasonic FZ 1000, both of which also have 1 inch sensor and shoot 4K video.


New Firmware for Sony FDR-AX100

The Sony FDR AX100 is quite a unique video camera.  It’s not without its faults but having a 1-inch sensor along with 4K resolution and an unusual amount of 8-bit detail retention created a unique product.  If put in the hands of a competent videographer who knows how to expose for this camera, the image quality truly is amazing (after some post-processing work to pull out the details).  The greatest issue we run into with this camera is around stabilization as we enjoy not using tripods.  The dynamic range is not great on this camera, unfortunately.

The 4K video codec was at 60Mbps but the new firmware allows for 100Mbps as well as some autofocus improvements.  A few people have reported problems or a dead video cameras after attempting to update the firmware; it’s not clear if this was an isolated event or user error or something else.

The biggest advantage of this new firmware should be a reduction of macroblocking in complex and busy scenes.