Insights into the New 4.6K Blackmagic Sensor


Many of us our anxiously awaiting the 4.6K Blackmagic Ursa Mini and its 4.6K sensor.  There has only been one release of sample footage from this sensor and not much actual analysis from people who have had time to play with the camera.

OneRiver Media Blog has had an opportunity to use this camera and their preliminary findings are promising:

The highlight retention is stunningly gorgeous with subtle, silky smooth roll-off that any cinematographer would appreciate.
Clean shadow retention? Gorgeous.
Skin tone rendition? Beautiful.
Overall color fidelity? Immersive and accurate.
Detail? Crisp and clean.

See their article for more.

New, Ultra-light, Micro-Four-Third Drone 4K Video Camera


Imagine Vision has released the smallest 4K m43 mount video camera ever, aimed at the drone market given its light weight and lack of LCD screen.

3840×2160 is supported at 30 fps and 4096×2160 at 24 fps (H264 codec).

This video camera can be remote controlled via a smartphone.

See Imagine Vision’s page about this video camera for more information.  No price has been announced as of yet.

RedShark Reviews the Sony FS7


From their review:

Sony’s intent was admirable: to produce a vérité-style camera that mimicked the easy operation and ergonomics of a Super 16mm film camera. Sony does not quite achieve this level of elegance in the PXW-FS7 4K, but the camcorder’s user-friendly profile – not to mention a remarkable new lens – are serious and bold moves in the right direction.