The GoPro Hero 6


The GoPro Hero 6 features 60P FPS at 4K and 240 FPS at 1080P.  It will be priced at $500.  Sony’s new small, square camera is more interesting to us as it’s non-fisheye lens and bigger sensor will make it easier to cut into cinematic pieces.  But as an action camera it’s nice to see GoPro catching up to the Yi 4K+’s 60FPS at 4K.

Canon’s New 1-Inch Sensor Camcorders (XF 405, XF 400, and Vixia HF GX10)

We’re happy to see the 1-inch sensor, the 60p, the 15X zoom lens, and the relatively small zoom factor. We would like to complain about the 4:2:0 color space but their competitors are doing the same so we can’t single out Canon here. If the autofocus is good and the low-light is decent then they probably have a decent product on their hands here.

Other key features:

  • 40oz’s
  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • Detachable XLR handle (except on the Vixia)
  • Wireless remote
  • 25.5-382mm F2-4.5 Lens
  • Built in ND filters
  • 4K (and 4K output over HDMI which is also 4:2:0
  • $3500, $3000, and $2500 respectively
  • WiFi
  • Dual SD card slots
  • MPEG4 and future XF-AVC support

More on the Sony VENICE CineAlta 6K Full-Frame Video Camera

Sony VENICE CineAlta 6K Full-Frame Video Camera… try to say that 3 times fast. But odds are you won’t have to as you probably don’t have $40,000 laying around.

Full-frame may become even more relevant for video when 8K begins common because pixel-density at the Super 35 sensor size becomes more of a problem (but not an insurmountable one as RED has shown us).

Sony’s Strange New RX0 Action Camera


Maybe Action Camera isn’t quite the right term as you need an external recorder to get the 4K.  With a 1-inch sensor, 4K video resolution, 4:2:2 output, 24mm F4 lens, S-Log2, and a $700 price this is a strange little camera.  F4 sucks.  If you light your set this will be fine but F2.8 would have been the minimum to make this video camera more versatile.  We shouldn’t complain though as it’s good to have more options and small, high-quality video cameras are welcome.