Google Pixel 3 XL

We’re looking forward to the Google Pixel 3 XL as we’re told the camera/video have been improved. Obviously a smartphone is not the ideal device to shoot 4K with, but the best camera is the one you have with you. And if your content (and hopefully sound too) is adequate, we’ve seen time and time again that smartphone footage can go viral and get crazy amounts of views.

Panasonic GX80 Mode Change Hack Brings Cinelike D and V to the GX85

See this interesting forum thread at EOSHD. A mysterious user known only as BTM_Pix has figured out and shared his findings on how to modify the settings on a Panasonic GX85 to include the Cinlike features. It’s unfortunate Panasonic left these often given that the camera can clearly handle then.

There are also implications that this hack, and we really shouldn’t call it that because it’s misleading, can also alter the LX100 and maybe even the G80 (200MB codec?).

These are the interesting settings as it applies to the G80 but none may be useable: