A Podcast That Argues Against 4K for Indie Filmmakers

Note we don’t necessarily agree with this podcast but we think it’s good to have a diversity of opinions including arguments that are contrary to the prevalent views.

One reason that 4K is very important to us is that the projects we work on have a long expected shelf-life and 4K is much more future proof (8K appears to the standard that will likely take hold for a long time but no one knows the future).

HDR and 4K: Making The Right Post Decisions (Webcast)


This webcast is free to register for.  It runs on August 19, 2015 from 5 to 9pm.

From their website:

Better pixels or more pixels? Nearly 50% of US homes will own a 4K TV by 2020, yet both Netflix and Amazon Prime say High Dynamic Range (HDR) is more important. Meanwhile editing 4K content requires a faster computer, updated software, and even more storage. Which format should post production be focusing more on? Where’s the demand, and what is the most affordable way of doing it?

Key Code Media and Sony Professional will bring together an industry panel to discuss the future direction of post production workflow. What are the necessary software/hardware tools, and services that will be vital for the growth of post production in the future.