Panasonic 100-400mm Lens with the Panasonic Lumix GX8

While the micro-four-third (m43) format presents challenges for wide angle photography, it excels at telephoto reach. Panasonic’s new 100-400mm lens is equivalent to 200-800mm focal length in 35mm format terms. Wild life photographers and videographers will really appreciate the possibilities this lens opens up:

Lomography 58mm Petzval 4K Video


The Lomography Petzval is a remake of an old lens known for its unique bokeh.  The 85mm version currently sells for $599.  This model will sell for $749 with a planned delivery of May 2016.

Some reviews have been negative in that they claim these are expensive for speciality lenses, but we would rather have the option of expensive speciality lenses than no speciality lenses at all. The following video shows the bokeh effects:

Olympus 300mm F4 Pro 4K Video (Panasonic GX8)

The Olympus 300mm lens will sell for $2499 (hopefully a lower street price) this year and is claiming 6 stops of image stabilization when combined with in-body image stabilization.

It’s nice that m43 Cameras are finally getting some decent telephoto options.  Panasonic will be releasing their 100-400mm lens as well ($1799).

This video was shot on the Panasonic GX8 body.  The image stabilization looks good considering the focal length.

Panasonic G7 with Speedbooster and Vintage Lenses

The Panasonic G7 was a steal at recent Black Friday prices for what it offers. If you need a cheap but decent 4K camera to hold you over until the Panasonic GH5 the G7 certainly fits the bill. It’s no raw camera or dynamic range monster, but exposed properly and in the hands of a competent videographer it can produce impressive results.

This nice short video shows some of the visuals you can obtain with cheap, old lenses.