Olympus E-M10 III is the Best Budget 4K Camera?

The images from the Olympus E-M10 Mark III certainly look nice. It’s priced better than the Panasonic G85 but it’s not clear yet if it’s superior to it.

However, at the price, it’s clear the Olympus is the winner, and the Panasonic G85 and G7 4K also remain contenders for the king of budget cameras. The one thing we’ve noticed about all of these cameras is that in good light they produce a nice image but they tend to fall apart in less than ideal circumstances. The Blackmagic Pocket 4K holds up better in those less than ideal conditions but it costs a bit more.

This camera shoots 4K at 30P, has contrast based auto-focus, and has IBIS.

Panasonic Introduce the Lumix S1 and S1R

As expected Panasonic have announced their new cameras.  They are thin on details right now apart from the 4K60P.

Here is what they are saying:

  • DFD autofocus like their M43 cameras except with AI (we are concerned about the performance of this but we must reserve judgement until it gets tested)
  • Dual I.S. (sensor + lens)
  • Fast flash sync speed (but it hasn’t been specified)
  • High quality EVF
  • Dual card slots (XQD and SD)
  • Titlable LCD (no fully articulated screen)

Additionally, the initially lenses are:

  • large, high quality, and expensive 50mm F1.4
  • 24-105mm zoom
  • 70-200mm zoom

The interesting point to us is that our source made two claims:

  • Panasonic is trying to go for the premium market and their bodies will be priced higher than Sony
  • $2700 initial price for the S1

Blackmagic Pocket 4K versus Panasonic GH5

Interestingly the reviewer states that he’s observed these two cameras having pretty much the same dynamic range. We expected a one stop advantage to the Blackmagic camera. When dynamic range is measured we still expect a better result than the GH5. What’s not clear is if that advantage will be a stop or significantly less. Either way, the Blackmagic Pocket 4Ks footage looks great.

Canon SX70: A Canon SX60 with a slightly better sensor and 4K video

Canon makes some products we like, but they have not been showing love to their consumer and prosumer products for a while.  At least Nikon gave their camera crazy zoom.  The lens is 21-1365mm equivalent.  Same tiny sensor (which may have worked for 1080p video but struggles with 4K).

Price is expected to be $549 on launch.

Wow: Fuji X-T3 has 10bit 4:2:0 4K 60P 400Mbit H.265

We did not see this coming.

Here are some relevant specifications:

  • New 26MP sensor (BSI)
  • 4K 60FPS 4:2:0 interal (and 4:2:2 external)
  • No crop except in 50/60FPS where the crop becomes a tolerable 1.18 times
  • $1500
  • F-Log
  • BT.2020 colour and Hybrid LOG Gamma will come as a future free firmware update
  • 17ms rolling shutter
  • Film simulation in 10bit
  • New vertical battery grip