Video Footage from the Nikon D7500

We don’t hate the Nikon D7500 as much as everyone else (although the lack of compatibility with some older Nikon lenses, lack of battery grip, and single card slot aren’t preferable). It’s a nice, small camera with amazing autofocus. Video though is the same old Nikon story: No one buys Nikon for 4K video. The D7500 of course shares the same horrendous video crop factor of it’s big brother the Nikon D500.

Canon 6D Mark II Sucks for Video


It’s half way into 2017 and Canon not only doesn’t have 4K on its new camera, but it’s 1080P codec is somehow worse than the 6D Mark I (video autofocus is better of course in the Mark II).

We don’t hate Canon but they’ve been protecting their pro-video-segment at the expense of all their consumer gear.  It’s been a long time that Canon’s given us anything to be excited about at a consumer affordable price.