Sony’s 4K and HDR Reference Monitor: The BVM-X300


This 30-inch monitor sells for $18,000 and is used mostly by video professionals.  It does however give us a general look into the future as HDR is arguably more important than resolution and thus we have always wanted 4K + HDR to be the gold standard.

Sony has a page about this monitor where you can view all the specs.



LG soon to release 27MU67 4K 27 Inch Monitor for $599


LG labels this monitor as a gaming monitor.  It has a 27 inch panel with 3840×2160 resolution, HDMI 2.0 ports, HDCP 2.2 and sRGB 99% with 10 bit colour.

Given that this is an IPS monitor we are happy with the price, but prices of 4K monitors will continue to come down in 2015 and beyond.

LG has a listing for this monitor on its website.

We are a bit concerned about the HDMI 2.0 ports given that HDMI 2.0a is on its way.

EOSHD reviews the LG 31MU97-B 4K Monitor

Andrew Reid of EOSHD recently completed a review on the 4K LG 31MU97-B monitor which has the following features:

  • 31″ Class (31″ diagonal)
  • 10bit IPS panel
  • Adobe RGB 99.5% color gamut
  • 17:9 aspect ratio
  • 4096×2160 resolution
  • 1M:1 (DFC) contrast ratio
  • 178/178 degree viewing angle
  • Advanced anti-glare

The LG 4K DCI monitor is great for editing especially for those who multitask between two apps open on the same display at any one time. You have vast amounts of resolution when using 1:1 mapping in 4K DCI to exploit and take a true birds-eye view of what you’re doing. Then when you go and surf the web for cat videos you can just drop the resolution (virtually) using the Apple retina display controls in the system menus.

4K Monitor Reviews by Lloyd Chambers


Lloyd Chambers is know for his website diglloyd where he provides paid subscriptions to access high quality reviews of digital cameras and lenses.  His reviews are more in-depth than a lot of free sites and consider aspects that are not commonly considered.

He also has a free article section that includes high quality reviews of the following 4K monitors: Dell UP2414Q, LG 31MU97-B, NEC PA322UHD, and NEC EA244UHD.

Eizo’s ColorEdge CG318 32 inch 4K Monitor


The Eizo’s CG318 monitor’s main features include: self-calibrating, full 4096×2160 pixel resolution, IPS TFT panel, great contrast, sRGB / Adobe / Rec. 709 / Rec. 2020 / SMPTE-C and DCI-P3 color-spaces, and a wide color gamut.

This monitor is targeted at those working in digital cinema and broadcast and compared to the competition is a great value at the estimated price of $4,500US.