New 4K Panasonic Video Camera with Unique Sensor Technology


We have received two separate reports that Panasonic is announcing a video camera at the 2015 NAB show (April 11-16) that has unique and innovative sensor technology. In particular the innovation is centered around dynamic range. We have to wonder if this is the organic CMOS sensor that Panasonic and Fujifilm have been working on.

Nvidia Has 3 Video Cards with HDMI 2.0


Apart from the Nvidia Geforce GTX 960, 970, and 980, all other video cards from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel have HDMI 1.4 or less.

This is very significant because HDMI 1.4 can only do 30 frames per second at the 3840×2160 resolution while HDMI 2.0 can do 60 frames per second at 4K resolution.

Additionally, these new HDMI 2.0 video cards also have a H.265 (HEVC) video decoder as opposed to the H.264 video decoder of previous generations.

Please note that Nvidia initially made an error in the specifications for the 970. It’s slightly less powerful than initially represented. There is now a class action lawsuit in regards to this error.

Samsung’s 4K TV Line Up Prices Leaked

Model Size Screen Price (US)
UN88JS9500 88-inch Curved $22,999
UN65JS9500 65-inch Curved $5,999
UN65JS9000 65-inch Curved $4,999
UN55JS9000 55-inch Curved $3,999
UN48JS9000 48-inch Curved $3,499
UN65JS8500 65-inch Flat $3,999
UN55JS8500 55-inch Flat $2,999
UN48JS8500 48-inch Flat $2,499

Our sources have not verified that these prices are accurate yet.

Vizio’s 4K TV Line Up Prices Leaked

Model Size Release Date Price
M80-C3 80-inch June $3,999
M75-C1 75-inch Fall $2,999
M70-C3 70-inch Spring $2,199
M65-C1 65-inch Spring $1,699
M60-C3 60-inch Spring $1,499
M55-C2 55-inch Spring $999
M50-C1 50-inch Spring $899
M43-C1 43-inch Spring $599
Vizio has a reputation of being one of the better discount brands.  There is no indication that the above models will have any innovations in regards to dynamic range but the actual prices should prove competitive and a value compared to the competition.

Olympus Does Not Feel 4K Has Enough Potential Yet

On Dmitry Krupski’s website there is an interview with Michael Guthmann (Product Manager PEN & OM-D, Olympus of Europe) where the following is stated:

Translated: We are carefully studying this point. While we do not think that for the target audience E-M5 II 4K mode is necessary. So we are closely watching the market – perhaps in future models 4K video will be realized. While I can not say with certainty whether the 4K in a model that will replace the E-M1.

Yes, we understand that other manufacturers – Panasonic, Sony, Samsung – offering 4K mode, even in top-level models do not. They just need to create content for their TV. They need to sell 4K TVs. While the content in 4K very little, so they want to have on the market as much as possible models that can shoot in 4K. But we do not see great potential for 4K at the moment. Once the market is ready for it, we will make 4K.

Read the full, translated interview here.

Apertus’s AXIOM Beta and Gamma May Be the Best 4K Video Cameras of 2015


*By best we mean in terms of best value.

The Apertus project is a community that aims to bring the open source ethic to cinema hardware.  They have also partnered with the Magic Lantern team who have done great work liberating the photo and video capacities of Canon cameras by modifying the firmware.

Apertus were successful in their crowd funding campaign and they will be bringing out the AXIOM Beta video camera in 2015 and hopefully the AXIOM Gamma camera as well.  There are several options for image sensors and lens mounts and they may support a frame rate as high as 300FPS in 4K!  See their AXIOM Camera page for more information.

The AXIOM team released a YouTube update on January 27, 2015:

Gizmodo’s Hands-On with Sony’s New 4K Action Camera


In Gizmodo’s blog post titled Sony 4K Action Cam Hands-On: Giving GoPro a Run for Its Money they provide a preview of the Sony X1000V action camera that is expected to be released in March of 2015 and sell for around $500USD.

GoPro has dominance in the action camera market, and based on Gizmodo’s post it does not sound like this camera from Sony will change that.

4K Streaming Coming to Vimeo Soon

On December 8, 2014 there was a blog post on the Vimeo staff blog titled Oh hey, 4K — download ultra-HD videos. In this post they state that 4K videos can be uploaded to their site (which has been the case for a while) and now they can also be downloaded by Vimeo users.

They end their post by stating: “And while we don’t yet offer 4K streaming on our site, we’ll be ready by the time broadband providers start widely supporting the high speeds required.”

Interestingly, Philip Bloom notices that 4K streaming has been snuck in and at least a partial implementation exists. See Philip’s blog post titled Vimeo sneaks in 4K streaming. Hooray!.

Vimeo has hinted in the past that implementing 4K features on their site is on their radar and one of their top priorities and now it appears closer than ever.

Nikon 1 J5 First Nikon Camera with 4K Video Recording


Nikon Rumors reports on the upcoming Nikon 1 J5 and state that it is rumored to have 4K video capabilities.  No Nikon camera has 4K video to date.  While Nikon has staid true to its photography roots it’s never been clear why they have not attempted to provide high quality video features as they have no video camera market to protect.

The Nikon D7200 is expected to be announced soon as well, however there are no rumours of indications of anything other than 1080p video for this DSLR camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be First 4K Phone


A rumor article at Value Walk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 speculates of the possibility of this phone being the first phone to have a 4K screen.

The value of a 4K on phablet screens is questionable.  However, we eagerly wait to see the first 4K phone so we can evaluate it for ourselves.

None of our sources have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have a 4K screen and most the people we have talked to do not feel this makes sense as QUAD HD is still underutilized.

We will continue to watch and keep you updated on this rumor.