Z-CAM E2-S6 Cinema Camera

We don’t have a photo of this camera yet, but we were surprised to hear about the Z-CAM E2-S6 Cinema Camera coming out this year (October).  The following is the information we do have:

  • Max resolution of 6244 x 4168 at 30 FPS
  • 4K DCI at 60 FPS
  • CMOS Sensor (23.4mm x 15.67mm)
  • 26 Megapixel
  • 10-bit H265 with a maximum bit rate of 300Mbbps
  • CFast 2.0
  • Raw 12 and 14 bit
  • Dual native ISO (320/100)
  • Ethernet port
  • $4000
  • 91.2mm x 99.2mm x 90.1mm

This is a very interesting camera at a very interesting price.  We looking forward to seeing if it can meet our expectations.