An Uncivil Discourse on the Sony A6400

We try to keep things civil here at 4K Rumors, but it’s really hard to hold back about how disappointed we are with the Sony A6400.

The Sony A6300 was released in February of 2016.  The Sony A6000 was released in April of 2014.

And now we get this very, very disappointing camera that still has:

  • horrible rolling shutter
  • marketed as a selfie camera/video camera yet it has no IBIS
  • very poor 1080p mode
  • no new Sony ASP-C lenses have been produced in a long time
  • battery life and overheating is in question at this point
  • No 4K 60P
  • No 10-bit video

Now, of course, this is still a nice photography camera and a careful user can still produce usable video from it.  But damn Sony, this is Canon level disappointing.

Key features:

  • AF is supposed to be faster (425 points)
  • 24MP Sensor
  • 180 degree selfie LCH tocuh screen
  • 11 FPS (8 FPS silent)
  • 4K 30p @ 100Mbps