Sony Z280 Hands on Overview

ProAV TV has released their overview of the Sony Z280. We like ProAV TV overviews and reviews as they tend to be balanced and informative. We do like this camera and it will be interesting to compare it to the Canon XF705. We heard some early reports of possible concerns with the auto-focus on Sony Z280 so we look forward to seeing more videos on that subject.

  • Brett Lefrere

    On paper, this and the Canon XF 705 look intriguing. There seems to be a bit of ca on this Fuji lens I’ve seen on other sample footage in certain shots, not everywhere but it was there, also in harsh backlight with direct sunlight. I like the new Canon codec and cheap SD cards to record to. Also Canon colors. However, Sony nowdays have great color too. It boils down to renting to play for a while with both cams before I make a decision. No-one can really answer the max f-stop at the tele end. Some seem to think its a constant f1.9 and others disagree. One reviewer said at best possibly 2.8 but he said visually he saw no difference.The Canon also has fantastic DPAF going for it. Strong codec on this Sony too. Either way, I miss shooting on these types of cameras. I will get one or the other and keep aside my 1DXMK ii or 5DIV to get that full frame type look for interviews etc. But really love the idea that with either of these camcorders I can go and shoot a live event, conference or corporate with just one camera and spare battery and concentrate on lighting and not constant lens swapping.I shoot a lot of car road trips going through various countries, and the dust etc is harsh on switching out lens after lens so this all in one setup is perfect. Also being here in South Africa, security is a huge concern, so just to move around without all my L series glass is a proper bonus. It also boils down to low light shooting. If this Sony beast is even slightly better than the Canon XF705, I may swing towards this PXW-Z280.