Canon’s New 1-Inch Sensor Camcorders (XF 405, XF 400, and Vixia HF GX10)

We’re happy to see the 1-inch sensor, the 60p, the 15X zoom lens, and the relatively small zoom factor. We would like to complain about the 4:2:0 color space but their competitors are doing the same so we can’t single out Canon here. If the autofocus is good and the low-light is decent then they probably have a decent product on their hands here.

Other key features:

  • 40oz’s
  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • Detachable XLR handle (except on the Vixia)
  • Wireless remote
  • 25.5-382mm F2-4.5 Lens
  • Built in ND filters
  • 4K (and 4K output over HDMI which is also 4:2:0
  • $3500, $3000, and $2500 respectively
  • WiFi
  • Dual SD card slots
  • MPEG4 and future XF-AVC support