Nikon D850 Video Sample

Keep in mind this is a hand-held sample shot in a camera store with a 105mm lens that does not have image-stabilization. There are some concerning features to this video though (rolling shutter and jitter). However, as the technique wasn’t appropriate we can’t really make any conclusions.

With better technique:

Sony’s Strange New RX0 Action Camera


Maybe Action Camera isn’t quite the right term as you need an external recorder to get the 4K.  With a 1-inch sensor, 4K video resolution, 4:2:2 output, 24mm F4 lens, S-Log2, and a $700 price this is a strange little camera.  F4 sucks.  If you light your set this will be fine but F2.8 would have been the minimum to make this video camera more versatile.  We shouldn’t complain though as it’s good to have more options and small, high-quality video cameras are welcome.