Panasonic G85 Firmware Resolves Issues (See Videos)

We are happy and surprised to see Panasonic release firmware so quickly that appears to have solved the issue.  This new version 1.1 firmware is available here.

Various sources and users have reported this firmware has resolved the issue (that is, at the same level of the GX85 which is not perfect but far better than the G85 on release) and these two videos have been released:


Panasonic G85 Firmware Update Coming This Week

An announcement was made on Panasonic’s official Facebook account stating that: “A Firmware update for the LUMIX DMC-G85 is being planed for release this week!”.

Hopefully that will end all the issues around IBIS for video and we will again be able to recommend this camera.  Still, it’s disappointing that we don’t have better dynamic range or color space after all these years.  This camera will hold us over until the GH5.


The Confusing New Sony FS7 Mark II


This video camera is more like a FS7+ than it is a Mark II.  There’s really no big changes but some useful ergonomic improvements that will make this $10,000 camera interesting to a few people.

New features of note:

  • Electronic variable ND (think Sony FS5)
  • Rec. 2020 Colour Spcae
  • Better Ergonomics/physical design/controls
  • Lever lock E Mount

Pros will appreciate some of these improvements but really we were hoping for a better sensor or other technological improvements that just were not provided.  This may push down prices on the FS7 which would be good.  The sensor, autofocus and video codecs remain identical.


Firmware Update Coming to Address Panasonic G85 IBIS Issues

“Less than a week ago, Panasonic became aware of some reports that the G85’s image stabilization wasn’t delivering the same level of smooth performance that the GX85 is while slow panning in video mode. Panasonic is working to solve the issue with a firmware update as soon as we can. Panasonic appreciates all the valuable feedback and always focuses on meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.”

Source: Panasonic Instagram Post