Xiaoyi YI-M1: An Affordable m43 Camera With 4K Video



The Xiaoyi Yi M1 is a potentially interesting option on account of price.  Currently priced at the equivalent of $330US (although actual US pricing will likely be higher), if this camera can pull of halfway decent 4K video then it will definitely fill the needs of some.  We don’t expect it to be as good as a Panasonic G7 or something of that likes, but the question is will it be good enough? Here’s what we know:

  • Sony m43 20Mp IMX269
  • Peaking
  • LCD touch screen
  • 4K at 30FPS and at 70Mbit
  • 1080P at 60FPS
  • 280G
  • HDR mode (video?)
  • No 24P at time of announcement

You can visit the Xiaoyi website for more information.