Canon XC15 4K Video Camera


The ergonomics and lens were the downfalls of the Canon XC10 and those two appear mostly unchanged in the XC15.  The lens wasn’t bad per se, but it was a compromise that didn’t make sense as film makers would prefer a brighter option.  The image quality of the XC10 was better than people gave it credit for.  People just didn’t want to deal with the camera.

The XC15 appears to add the following new features:

  • XLR audio
  • Accepts MA400 microphone adapter
  • 24P
  • Menu locking

Sadly, there was no dual pixel AF added.

This camera is a pass for us but it’s not as bad as we all it make it out to be.  It’s hard not to be mad at Canon who could make something great but instead keep releasing products like this.