EOSHD Reviews the Panasonic GX85/80


The Panasonic GX85/80 is the goldilocks of Panasonic’s recent offerings. The G7 was and is great for the price, but it lacked IBIS.  The GX8 is a good camera, but it’s large and its IBIS is more limited than we would like.  The GX50/80 is small, has great IBIS, and is attractively priced.  This is by far our favourite 4K capable camera Panasonic has released since the GH4.  This also bodes well for the future GH5.

Do read EOSHD’s review of this wonderful camera.  We are mostly in agreement.  However, Andrew doesn’t touch on dynamic range and we don’t have a good side-to-side comparison with the Sony A6300 yet.