More On The Sony A6300

Now that the dust has settled it’s become more clear that the Sony A6300 is a viable option if you are working in controlled enough settings. Yes the rolling shutter is bad this does not effect all shooting scenarios. Yes, the camera may over heat. That sucks. Don’t use it for mission critical stuff. But if you don’t want to spend five grand for good image quality and you are willing to put up with the limitations and annoyances then you can pull an amazing image from this camera.

With 4K much more so than 1080p stabilization is crucial. The kind of shot discipline the Sony A6300 demands is not necessarily a bad thing for some types of shooting.

The following videos help to demonstrate the capacity of this camera:

S-Log2 versus Cine4 on Sony a6300

Sony A6300 versus Sony A7r II versus Sony A7s II versus Sony FS5 (High ISO Comparison in 4K)

Strong Man Run Director’s Cut