Craft Camera Announces Modular, Customizable Video Camera


There has been a lot of interest and uncertainty about Craft Camera lately.  See their webpage for more information about their newly announced camera.

Very importantly, note the following statement on their website:

Full technical specifications will be announced early this summer.

They do appear to be offering a 4K sensor with global shutter and 60P.  Let us hope they can deliver.

It costs $500 to reserve the camera and they claim to be shipping in late 2016.

Panasonic GH5 Will NOT Have a Sensor Larger than Micro-Four-Thirds

There have been murmurs about the Panasonic GH5 having a Super 35 sized sensor.  This video with Panasonic’s Matt Frazer kills this rumour (the question is asked at 5:46 in).

Also at about 3:53 it’s asked if the next GH camera will record in 10-bit internally (nothing is promised but it is being explored).

Panasonic AG-UX90 and AG-UX180


These two 4K video cameras are expected around fall of 2016.  The AG-UX180 features a 1-inch sensor, 20X zoom, and 60P at 4K.  The AG-UX90 also features a 1-inch sensor but has a 15X zoom and only reaches 30P at 4K.  4096×2160 will be at 24P only.  These cameras are expected to sell for $4000 and $3000 respectively.  These cameras use SD cards but codec has not yet been disclosed.

If the image and dynamic range from the AG-UX180 is good enough then we think they will have beaten the competition given the 60P at 4K.  These cameras are aimed at run and gun, documentary, and ENG.  Quite frankly the AG-UX180 is looking much better, at least on paper, than Sony’s new Z150.



Blackmagic Video Assist 4K


This $900 video recorder is the cheapest 4K recorder of its kind, but this time being cheapest is not indicative of low quality.  This unit is competitive and the only real downfall we see, which is a big one, is the lack of 60P recording (we expect 60P 4K to become much more common going forward).

Main features include a 1920×1200 pixel 7-inch display, dual SD card slots, 2160P at 30FPS support, and mini-XLR audio inputs.

This unit allows 10-bit video recording to SD cards which is a nice touch.  Visit the Blackmagic website for more information.

RAW Coming to the Sony FS5 for $600 plus External Recorder


The Sony FS5 did not get off to a great start but on account of a firmware fix and a new firmware coming, along with a paid option for raw (of course you’ll have to buy an external recorder to take advantage of it) things are looking better.  The RAW upgrade will be $600 and will allow for 4K 60fps RAW via 3G SDI.

The new, free 2.0 firmware allows for better control of auto-exposure and the electronic ND filter.