Sony X930C 4K Television Review


The Sony XBR-65X930C is our favourite TV presently. It’s our hold-over TV that’s meant to last us a few years until OLED comes down in price and other 4K technologies and standards mature.

The most important features of the Sony X930C are:

  • Supports the 4K HDR Standard.
  • While it’s not OLED the picture quality is damn good.
  • Not as expensive as other top models.  It’s still an expensive set, but it’s within range of most TV enthusiasts.
  • Our Sony A7r II looks great displayed on this set.
  • 65-inch screen.
  • Packed with technologies and features and makes the best of less than 4K signals.
  • The built-in speaks are surprisingly decent.

If the $3,000 price is within your budget do give this TV a look.