Panasonic HC-WXF991 and HC-VX981 Video Cameras


Panasonic has released the HC-WXF991 and HC-VX981 consumer video cameras.

Both cameras have:

  • 4k Video at 30/24P
  • 1/2.3″ BSI Sensor
  • 20X Zoom Lens
  • $999 price (on the 991 model)
  • Expected to be available in March

Again, we are concerned about the sensor size, which hasn’t done that well with 4K historically but maybe this will be the first generation of small sensor cameras that work well enough at this resolution.

The VX981 model lacks an electronic viewfinder and picture-in-picture twin camera recording as compared to the WXF991.

  • Oberoth

    I can’t believe no one brought 4k at 60p to the table this year, massively disappointed. I only really use a camcorder to record my club football but I want the quality of 4k but the ability to do a few slow-mos every now and then. If they were worried about bitrates or file sizes they could have just switched to H.265/HEVC.

    Does anyone know of any camcorders on the foreseeable horizon that are small, light and sub $1000 that will do this?