Sony A7s II Versus Sony A7r II

“For a side-by-side comparison I vertically cropped the footage so that I could position all three onto a 4k frame. The footage is unscaled and presented at its native 4k width, so you’re only missing out on the sky above and the beach below on each crop. For the best results, download the original clip and play it on a 4k display.”


Sony States a Fix Coming for FS5 Image Artifacts


Sony has investigated the PXW-FS5 image artifact issues reported by users. Our engineers have been able to duplicate these issues and identify their root cause. Sony plans to provide a firmware update. Our goal is to issue this revised firmware toward February/end.

To ensure that users achieve the best results from the FS5, Sony is also preparing guidelines to help professional shooters take full advantage of the FS5’s features, including S-Log and S-Gamut.

This is good news.  We have been giving Sony a hard time in regards the FS5 but they are being responsive and honest so we have to praise them for this move.