Xiaomi Mi 3 70″ Smart TV


Xiaomi is one of the better Chinese TV produces and they have announced their 70-inch 4K TV for a price that converts to around $1500.

Their 60-inch TV was launched for under $800 recently too but we find the 70-inch version more interesting because at that size the benefit of 4K is more obvious.

The 70-inch model has a 120 Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution, Android 5.1, 178 degree viewing angle, and about 85% of the NTSC color gamut.  The brain unit is separate from the TV (but included).

A Mini-Documentary Shot on the Sony FS5

Philip Bloom has released The Wood Carver:

This mini documentary was part of a commission from Sony to promote their new camera, the PXW-FS5. They wanted me to make a film using their camera that would highlight many of it’s features. The content of the film, this mini documentary was what I decided to make as I really wanted to tell a story rather than just shoot some pretty pictures as it would be far more engaging.

Andrew Reid’s Pre-Review of the DJI OSMO


See his post My DJI OSMO fairground shoot – plus a mini-review for the complete article.

Image quality in 4K with the flat picture profile though is only mediocre by cinema standards, if I were serious I would get the X5 gimbal & MFT sensor, add in the DJI follow focus and put the tiny Panasonic Leica 15mm F1.7 on it.

Sony FS5 Woes


We love the size and some of the features of the Sony FS5 video camera, but the video codec and bit-rate is completely inexcusable to us.

Then there was the issue of not being able to record internally and also use the SDI or HDMI output at the same time. The recently released firmware 1.10 has helped in this area in that you can now do both but you lose the video image on the built-in display. Better but still not ideal.

Some users are reporting issues with the LCD brightness inaccurately reflecting the true brightness of the scene. Other users are reporting blocking and noise, for example:


Sony has shown more willingness to release firmware so it wouldn’t surprise us if there are some more improvements coming. We will stick with the Sony FS7 which is much larger than the FS5 but it produces much better image quality and it has more features.