A Podcast That Argues Against 4K for Indie Filmmakers

Note we don’t necessarily agree with this podcast but we think it’s good to have a diversity of opinions including arguments that are contrary to the prevalent views.

One reason that 4K is very important to us is that the projects we work on have a long expected shelf-life and 4K is much more future proof (8K appears to the standard that will likely take hold for a long time but no one knows the future).

Panasonic GM7 to Feature 4K Video?


We have received several reports that Panasonic’s update to GM5 digital camera, the GM7, will be available for spring of 2016 and will feature 4K video recording.  No word yet as to whether or not the limit will be 29 minutes or lesser.

This is good news if true as the GM line’s size certainly allows 4K to go to spaces where more conventional cameras may not go.

Matching the Canon XC10 to the Canon C300

Carlos Quintero has released the following video with comments (which are located on the Vimeo page for the video) about his experience attempting to match to two Canon cameras.

The part we found most interesting was: “To me, it seems like C-Log on the XC10 is much flatter than C-Log on the C300, probably to better match C-Log 2 on the C300 Mark II.”

Panasonic GH4 Versus Blackmagic Ursa

This is the Blackmagic Ursa (“Major”, not Mini) that is being compared to Panasonic’s GH4.  This is an Apples to Oranges comparison of course but still interesting to see how the GH4 holds up.

The GH4 remains the best value 4K video camera.  We prefer the appearance of its image to the A7s II and A7r II except in low light or except when you need a full frame level of depth of field.  We have our fingers crossed for internal 10-bit video recording in the GH5.

Samsung NX1 Down to $1099


Several major retailers have the Samsung NX1 down to $1099 and we expect further price drops as time goes on.  We have also seen some great clearance prices on NX lenses however you’re probably better off buying an adapter and using lenses that still have a future.

While the NX1 lacks the color magic of a camera that shoots raw, for the price it’s a very decent camera and a set of two of them could be used to make a great film.

RIP Samsung.  You died before your time.  Your attempts at innovation and your amazing firmware improvements will be missed.

Sony A7r II Face Tracking AF During Video Demonstration

The A7r II isn’t perfect when it comes to photo or videos. The ergonomics in particular aren’t great, and on the photo side it’s definitely slower and less effective than a DSLR for some purposes. But we still like it because what alternatives do we have that do this much in such a small package with such good image quality?