New Panasonic AG-DVX200 Firmware Coming


See this dvxuser thread for more information, but the relevant part is:

There’s a new firmware update coming for the DVX200, and it makes some rather notable changes in color rendition. The new version is said to be more accurate to the Varicam in VLOG-L, and in all cases it’s supposed to reduce the yellow in the skin tones and especially to greatly reduce the shift to yellow that happens in overexposure. It also is going to substantially clean up the grit that can happen in the shadows. And there’s another feature they’ve mentioned that they’re adding, but since it doesn’t directly have to do with color rendition, I’ll leave them to say what that is.

Nick Driftwood has also hinted that good things are coming.  We want this camera to be good so we hope this new firmware will help with low light or dynamic range for this camera.

Reportedly this firmware will be out or announced on November 16th.