A Horrible Decision: V-Log for the Panasonic GH4 for $99


We are probably being a bit hard on Panasonic as we generally like this company and their video offerings.¬† But to charge $99US for a firmware update that should have been there at that start for an aging camera is a poorly played move on Panasonic’s part.¬† Contrast this to Samsung who has offered many amazing and free upgrades for their NX1 model (which we prefer is some but not all ways over the GH4, especially¬† for resolution and overall look).

This firmware is expected mid-September.

From Panasonic:

  • LUMIX GH4 function enhancement for film production/professional videographers
  • Increases dynamic range from 10 stops to 12 stops
  • Makes color grading easier with improved compatibility between LUMIX GH4 and Panasonic Varicam
  • V-Log / V-Log L were developed to feature similar characteristic to Cineon