Sony A7s II: The Sony A7s With Some but Not All of the Updates We Wanted


Sony has finished upgrading all of their original A7 line cameras to second versions, with the Sony A7s II being last.

The same sensor has been used but Sony states they’ve “tweaked it”.  Most importantly, 4K recording is now done internally so that alone makes it a better buy than the A7s which required an expensive and bulky external recorder to get 4K.

The improvements include:

  • IBIS
  • internal 4K recording
  • better body quality
  • better viewfinder
  • better codecs
  • better autofocus

What we are sad not to see:

  • 4K @ 60P
  • better battery life
  • back-side-illuminated sensor

And what remains unknown:

  • has rolling shutter been improved?
  • will it have the same over-heating issue as the Sony A7r II?