Blackmagic Pocket Versus Digital Bolex

We do like the image from the Digital Bolex but do note their recent announcement:

Unfortunately, after a handful of Digital Bolex user complaints in the last two months of SSDs dismounting, frozen cameras, and potential footage loss, we have discovered that these new monitors include a flaw in their signal that causes a major problem with the D16’s internal SSD drive that effects its ability to record and playback footage.

SmallHD is working hard to resolve this incompatibility with our camera, and have provided us with samples of the new monitor so our engineers can help to diagnose the problem. While an update to the SmallHD firmware was recently released, it did not solve these critical issues, so for the time being, we are currently recommending that users of the Digital Bolex do not use the new SmallHD 500 series EVFs with our camera until the problems are resolved.