Another Review of the Canon XC10 4K Hybrid Camera


This time Lens Rentals, one of our favourite review sites, has reviewed the Canon XC10.  Most reviews of the XC10 have been lackluster so far, and this one is no exception:

One last note regarding the focus abilities.  I don’t feel like the focusing speed matches the shooting style that this camera would work best for.  With its small form factor, fixed lens, decent dynamic range, and ISO performance, it would work really well as a “run ’n gun” style camera.    Some people need to travel light, get in, get the shot, and get out.  Everything about the focusing system in the XC10 seemed slow. Not inaccurate, just slow. The continuous autofocus is pleasant and smooth but if you’re in a rush, it might annoy you.  Same thing with manual focus, the throw just seems too long to be functional in a fast paced environment.

The Sony RX10 II is in our opinion a much superior choice for a similar product that beats this Canon in so many ways (constant F2.8 aperture zoom, slow motion, slog-2, probably better dynamic range) and is significantly cheaper.