Panasonic GX8 with 4K Video and IBIS


We were waiting for this.  The G7 was a welcome announcement as it’s a small, affordable, m43 camera that records 4K.  But it lacks IBIS or a new sensor or any particular “wow” factor even though it is a solid and competent package.

The GX8 is larger, with some people wondering if it’s even larger than the Sony A7 series bodies.  But you get more, and if the IBIS works with video, then this will be our favourite m43 camera for 4K video.

Specifications so far are reported to be (but not absolutely confirmed):

  • 20MP Sony Sensor
  • Dual IS including IBIS
  • Improved EVF
  • Improved dust and weather sealing along with magnesium body
  • 4K Video and 4K Photo Mode (as seen in the G7)
  • WiFi/NFC
  • 8 FPS AF