EOSHD Reviews and Likes the Sony RX10 M2


EOS has just posted their review: Sony RX10 M2 – first part of my review and a mini-comparison with the A7S and Canon 1D C

The most surprising thing for us was the claim around dynamic range:

The 4K S-LOG of this camera appears to very closely match the dynamic range of the Sony A7S in S-LOG and it grades almost identically.

And his useful summary of the camera:

Lets summarise for now. Internal 4K at 100Mbit/s, crisp moire-free 1080/120fps (also 100Mbit/s!) S-LOG 2 and dynamic range like the A7S, practically no rolling shutter, Zeiss 24-200mm F2.8 lens with optical stabiliser and built in ND filter, 240,480,even 1000fps “HFR” burst-modes and it isn’t even too shabby in low light either thanks to the new BSI CMOS sensor (although the super high shutter speeds required by the HFR modes make them ill suited to dim conditions, so far I find 4K with a 180 degree shutter perfectly usable at ISO 1600).