Panasonic G7 Hands-On Review

While this review focuses more on the photography than videography features of the Panasonic G7, it still provides a good general overview of this camera.

Both Panasonic and Olympus continue to improve their m43 cameras.  This G7 has a better viewfinder, good video features, nice build, and other incremental improvements.  But the area that is still lacking for m43 in general is the sensor.  m43 has been mimicking Canon’s strategy of doing nothing exciting with the sensor for generations.  This strategy has worked for a while but Sony has come along and really started to innovate.  Hopefully that will compel other camera makers to wake up.  The biggest thing we feel is lacking in the G7, GH4, NX1, etc is the lack of dynamic range.  Video just feels extra special when the sky isn’t blown out.